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River cruising is a form of cruise vacationing that is exploding in popularity. Every year new ships are added by the cruise lines that offer this more inclusive cruise experience. The expansion of ships and itineraries are a result of the ever increasing demand by passengers that are looking for something new after cruising on large ocean going ships. A river cruise vacation is also an ideal option for those who usually select a land tour or package for their vacation because it allows them to stay in one place longer. This is because river cruise itineraries put their emphasis on immersing the passenger in a region. One is surrounded by incredible scenery, floatingly from one stop to the next, with no fear of 'rough water', ever. Once your ship is docked you will find yourself in the center of the port being visited, and many of the major sites of the trip will be within easy walking distance from the dock.

 Exciting Shore Excursions Included

Because river cruises are such a rapidly growing segment of the cruise industry, there are lots of new ships to choose from as well as some who have been sailing for some time, but still receive awards every year for their service and cuisine. Knowing the difference in the ships is important because it can make the difference between a successfull cruise experince and a disappointing one. One strong benefit of this particular type of cruise, however, regardless of the cruise line or ship selected is the inclusion of Shore Excursions in the upfront price of the trip.

 An Intimate Small Ship Experience

A river cruise truly has a boutique type of experience feel about it because the ships are so much smaller and more intimate. You will be sharing your cruise experience with about 150 other passengers only. The accommodations can be different from what you are used to as well, if you are an experienced ocean cruiser and our staff will be able to inform you of these differences to make sure your expectations are met. There are some ships that have been built specifically with the North American traveler in mind and others that are regularly populated with both European and North American travelers and accept and respect the travel habits of that multi cultural mix. We can tell you which is which and match the right cruise line and ship to not only your destination request, but to your travel habits and requirements.

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